Tri Properties in Reno Eldorado Reno Silver Legacy Resort Casino Circus Circus Reno
JulyMap Artown Artown1 Foreigner Barracuda JonPardi WingFest Aces5 Artown8 Shakespeare SLbday SLbday2 Aces13 Mural14 Artown15 Mural16 Aces18 Edgewood Artown22 FValli GLopez Aces27 Artown29 JMathis Aces31

AugustMap Aces1 Monty HOA3-5 HOA7 Daughtry Aces8-9 Shakespeare Monsterfish AndrewDiceClay PirateCrawl LucasOil FlyingCaceres ShoeGiveaway AlWeiwei Worlds18-19 Worlds20 Worlds21 WineWalk Aces22 Aces-22 Aces24-25 TraceAdkins BillBurr RockRoll BurningMan

4,108 Hotel Rooms - 23 Restaurants - 19 Bars & Lounges - 8 Nightspots
226,500 Square Feet of Gaming - 191,000 Square Feet of Meeting Space

With three connected but distinctive casino resorts in downtown Reno, the ELDORADO RESORTS FAMILY now offers something fun for everyone right in the heart of the Biggest Little City in Reno's Arch District!